TN 1 (08-23)

RS 02805.005 Exclusions

Section 205(q)(5) of the Act specifically excludes use of the expedited payment procedure for:

  1. A. 

    Negotiated checks

  2. B. 

    Benefits based on the disability of either the claimant or the NH (e.g., an HA, HB2, HC1, DWB, or CDB). However, at the point of conversion from DIB to RIB and thereafter, the exclusion no longer applies.

When a claimant elects to receive RIB benefits pending a determination of entitlement to DIB, they have, in effect, filed for both types of benefits. Therefore, the claimant may request expedited payment with respect to any interim RIB payment which may be due. Particular attention should be paid to the possibility of an expedited payment request in these cases. It is important that all evidence necessary for payment be included in the RIB file.

Sec. 205(q)(5) restricts the expedited payment procedures to monthly insurance benefits requested by the individual to whom the monthly benefit is due. Thus, an effective request for expedited payment of an LSDP or an underpayment cannot be made.

The provision does not apply where an initial determination has been made and it is being challenged through the reconsideration, hearing, appeal, or court process.

NOTE: A request for expedited payment in a nonreceipt case merely places a control over the nonreceipt request to ensure that payment is made. It does not alter or substitute for the regular processing under the nonreceipt procedures

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