RS 02805.020 DO Processing Guidelines

Although a written request that meets the criteria for expedited payment is acceptable, completion of Part I of an SSA-1877 (Request For Expedited Payment) is preferred. Parts II and III of the SSA-1877 must be completed for each request. All requests must be acknowledged immediately in writing by the office receiving the request. Use Part III of the SSA-1877 for this purpose.

All requests must be identified and controlled in the form of a log from the point of request through final disposition. The DO will maintain this log in which all requests for expedited payment will be recorded by name and claim number. Enter appropriate annotations on Part II of the form requesting expedited payments. This form will remain with the case through final disposition and will reflect the dates of pertinent actions taken by both the DO and processing center (PC); i.e., receipt, forwarding to PC, requests for additional development, final disposition, etc.

The final disposition on all request for expedited payment must be determined by the PC.

If development is in process or is needed where the 90-day time period has not run, and the beneficiary is unaware of what is being developed (third party contact involved, DO certification of a public record, etc.), the DO must advise the beneficiary of the pending action.

If SSA is assisting the claimant to obtain evidence from some source such as the Bureau of the Census, Immigration and Naturalization Service, etc., inform the claimant that this is being done on his/her behalf and that a decision cannot be made until the requested evidence is received.

If evidence is still needed, and the 90-day time period has run and the evidence available indicates that benefits are payable even though additional evidence is being sought from a source other than the claimant or beneficiary, payment must be expedited. If the evidence does not indicate that payment is due, it must be disposed of under RS 02805.040 (payment not due) and the claimant notified.

When development is apparently complete, the action will be forwarded to the PC. If the PC finds it necessary to request additional development, the DO will be advised (by telephone and followed up in writing) and asked to notify the claimant or beneficiary of what is needed and what is being done to obtain the needed information. The PC will flag the development memorandum so the DO will know a request for expedited payment is pending. All development should be returned by the DO to the appropriate special PC mailing address.

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