RS 02805.025 Initial Claims and Reinstatements

A. No Development Pending

Send a Critical Case Request (SSA-2489-U2) to the Inquiries Staff in the PC. Circle the acronyms CPR and EXPMT in the Critical Case Payment Reason portion, and annotate the MAF portion with the appropriate form numbers that will be forwarded to the PC along with the SSA-1877. The Critical Case Request will serve as advanced notice to the PC that the SSA-1877 is being mailed and should be used to supply any information which may be helpful in processing the case.

Annotate on Part II of the SSA-1877 the date the claim was forwarded and the date the last requested evidence was received (if known). Enter the request on the DO log with the notation that the claim is in the PC. Mail the SSA-1877 and any related forms to special PC address. Form SSA-1671-U2 will be used as the transmittal. List the enclosures on the SSA-1671-U2.

Material sent to the PC special address bypasses the PC mailroom and is opened in the Inquiries Staff.

It is important to mail the SSA-1877 and any enclosures promptly. The PC will search for the folder immediately upon receipt of the Critical Case Request. However, payment processing will be deferred until the SSA-1877 is received.

B. Development Pending

If development, whether initiated by the DO or the PC, has not been completed, the DO should establish the necessary controls and ensure that every effort is made to complete the required development. Do not send the Critical Case Request until the development has been completed and is being released from the DO.

In all cases, regardless of elapsed time or the type of action recommended, forward the case to the Inquiries Staff when development has been completed. Attach current development to the SSA-1877. Do not route development separately. Note on Part II of the Form SSA-1877 the date that the completing evidence was previously submitted. Send the material to the special PC mailing address.

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