TN 1 (04-86)

RS 02815.045 Control and Processing

The following processing steps will be followed:

  1. A. 

    Establish an active control card as soon as the call or report of the call is received.

  2. B. 

    Prepare written documentation of the telephone call (i.e., a summary of what was discussed).

  3. C. 

    Immediately key the social security number into the Case Control System and if the folder is in a modular operation, place a “B Hold” on the folder and initiate an immediate search. The system should be checked periodically to make sure that the folder is delivered.

  4. D. 

    If the Case Control System indicates that the folder is not in process (NCIP), search the merged files while the caller is on the phone.

  5. E. 

    If the folder is not obtained on the initial search and the situation is such that a payment can be made without the folder, prepare a red dummy folder based on available payment information.

  6. F. 

    Accomplish payment or other necessary action without delay. In the case of calls from members of Congress, the ORC, or OPI, handcarry the folders through processing and have them returned to the Staff so that a final reply to the inquiry can be made. If the case has already been batched but is not in a computer run, remove the folder for a CPS payment, if applicable. If CPS cannot be used, prepare a manual one-check-only A-payment. If the case is in a computer run and output is being awaited, attach a “critical” flag to the folder. Upon receipt of the computer output or computer exception, immediately handcarry the folder to the Inquiries Staff for appropriate action. The caller should be advised of the status.

  7. G. 

    If it initially appears there will be delay in answering inquiries from members of Congress, ORC, or OPI, furnish the reason for delay immediately as well as a description of the actions being taken to expedite processing. Status reports should be made, as appropriate, so that the inquirer will have an up-to-date record on the progress being made on the case in question.

  8. H. 

    Annotate all actions on the active control card. When final action is taken, file the card in the central card file.

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