TN 1 (04-86)

RS 02815.050 Telephone Reports


Prepare telephone reports on Forms SSA-5002, Report of Contact, and SSA-3568, Expediting Staff Telephone Inquiry. The SSA-5002 is for the claims folder and the SSA-3568 is retained in the Sensitive Case Staff reference room.


Record the incoming calls on the following forms according to the type of call received.

Form Type of Call
SSA-961-U3, Urgent Folder Request Critical Case
SSA-2339-U3, Request for Postentitlement Information Less than Critical Case
SSA-1022 Followup

Sufficient details should be recorded on the SSA-0961, and SSA-2339-U3 so that subsequent reviewers of these forms will have sufficient information to resolve the issue and make a reply to the inquirers.

1. Party Other Than Claimant Calls

If it is an SSA inquirer, e.g., DO, DDS, ODO Unit, indicate name of office, telephone number and the name of the Specialist. If a private party calls, indicate name, address and telephone number of the caller. Supply the name of the servicing DO if available.

2. X-ref Social Security Numbers

Include any cross-reference social security numbers; particularly where multiple claims are filed.

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