TN 1 (01-99)

RS 03001.500 NMISSS Earnings Provisions


All NMISSS earnings are now posted on the MEF. Process claims using earnings as posted.

NMISSS earnings show EIN 98-0124623. Many of those earnings items are still in the suspense file. If a claimant alleges working in the NMI and the earnings are not on the earnings record, search the suspense file under EIN 98-0124623. If earnings are located, reinstate using Earnings Modernization. Contact the Saipan FO to resolve any problem with NMISSS earnings. They have copies of original tax returns going back to 1980. They also have access to the original NMISSS earnings files.

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RS 03001.500 - NMISSS Earnings Provisions - 01/05/1999
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