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DI 10105.030 Duration Requirement for Freeze

The duration requirements for a disability freeze are:

  • Prior to January 1973, a number holder (NH) must have been disabled for a continuous period of not less than 6 full calendar months in order for a disability freeze to be established.

  • After December 1972, the NH must have been under a continuous period of disability for 5 full calendar months.

For purposes of these time requirements, a full calendar month includes:

  • A month where the beginning date of the freeze period is the first day of that month; and

  • A month where the cessation date of the disability is the last day of that month. The month of death is not a full calendar month for this purpose, although once a freeze is established, the month of death may be the last month of the freeze.

The only situation in which the 5-month requirement need not be met is where the NH qualifies for a Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) without a waiting period. (See DI 10105.075 for cases in which no waiting period is necessary for a DIB.) In this situation, the NH may qualify for a freeze for any month he/she is entitled to a DIB. This means a period of disability may be as short as 1 calendar month in duration.

CAUTION: This requirement should not be confused with the current definition of disability in DI 00115.015 under which the NH's disability must have lasted or be expected to last for at least 12 months.

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