TN 56 (01-16)

DI 11010.610 Field Office (FO) Receives Additional Evidence

A. FO receives additional evidence after the disability determination services (DDS) determination

1. Medical evidence

a. Certified Electronic Folder (CEF)

If the case is a CEF, see DI 81010.125C

b. Paper folder

For paper cases use the following procedures:

  • If the evidence is not a duplicate, prepare an SSA-408 (Route Slip) with the remark, “Additional evidence received for your necessary action” and attach it to the front of the Modular Disability Folder. Place the additional medical evidence in the yellow section entitled “Medical Records” and forwards the entire folder to the DDS. For instructions on how DDS handles trailer mail, see DI 28030.040 Disposition of Trailer Material.

  • Check the MDF to see if the evidence is a duplicate. If the evidence is duplicate, annotate the evidence “Duplicate (or NAN) Material,” initial it, and file it in MDF.

2. Non-medical

For all additional non-medical development, follow these procedures:

  • When the FO receives additional non-medical evidence after DDS releases the case to the FO, take the necessary action. Examples include, change of address, direct deposit, or tax withholding request etc. If no action is necessary, note the material “NAN” and place in appropriate section of MDF or fax into the CEF.

  • For paper folders, prepare form SSA-409 Post Adjudicate Routing. Perform all necessary action(s) and attached SSA-5002 to document(s) and file in MDF. If no further action is needed route to the Processing Center-Disability Processing Branch (PC-DPB) or Payment Center (PC) whichever is appropriate after the retention period.

  • If the additional evidence requires action that is not the FO's jurisdiction, prepare form SSA-409 Post Adjudicative Routing. Write the remark “Folder forwarded prior to expiration of FO retention period for action on recently received non-medical evidence, see (type of evidence) in file,” on the SSA-409. Place the material in the appropriate section of the MDF. Staple the SSA-409 to the outside of the folder and address it to PC-DPB or the PC, whichever is appropriate.

See DI 81010.135 Non-Medical Evidence in the Electronic Folder (EF) for additional instructions.

B. Disability claim folders pending in the Disability Quality Branch (DQB) / Disability Processing Units (DPU)

If the FO receives additional medical evidence while the disability claim is pending in DQB/DPU, FAX the evidence to DQB/DPU as appropriate. The fax number of the appropriate DQB/DPU is located in the Detailed Office/Organization Resources System (DOORS).

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