TN 41 (01-02)

DI 11010.630 DDS Telephone Calls to the FO

A. Procedure

Although the FO has primary responsibility for initiating calls to the DDS to transmit information essential to the disability determination, there may be occasions when the DDS will call the FO in title II and/or title XVI cases. Such requests will usually pertain to information available from the E/R, the claimant's compliance with DDS requests, help in locating a medical source, or contacting someone in a position to help the claimant. If the FO cannot comply immediately with the DDS request because the E/R has not been received or a necessary contact cannot be readily made, diary the request for immediate telephone reply to the DDS when such information is available. Follow-up with the source of information to assure expeditious DDS processing.

The DDS will inform the FO by phone of capability development as soon as the DDS becomes aware of it.

B. Procedure - change of address received directly by DDS

If the DDS finds that the claimant's (or representative payee's) most current address is different from that shown on the DI02, DI16 or in Item 5 of the SSA-831-U3, the DDS will telephone the FO with this information. The FO will make any necessary changes to the system to update the address.

C. Procedure - claimant dies prior to adjudication -- notification received directly by DDS

If notice of the disabled claimant's death is received directly by the DDS, the DDS will telephone the FO to ascertain if a DDS disability determination is necessary. The FO will input the date of death and advise DDS whether or not a disability determination is needed.

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