TN 39 (09-16)

DI 13010.066 Developing and Verifying Monthly Earnings in the Trial Work Period (TWP)

A. Evaluate TWP service months

To develop earnings information for TWP purposes:

  • Evaluate the beneficiary’s monthly breakdown of earnings.

  • Obtain enough information to determine the period the beneficiary worked, and if the services performed produced earnings more than the amounts shown in DI 13010.060A, Determining Trial Work Period (TWP) Service Months and Evaluating Work Activity.

B. Contact the beneficiary and verify proof of earnings

Using the eWork program, develop monthly earnings in the TWP by contacting the beneficiary or representative payee via a Work Activity Report (SSA-820/821). Development and verification of earnings may differ for employed and self-employed beneficiaries:

1. Employed beneficiaries

Follow procedures in DI 10505.005.

2. Self-employed beneficiaries

To develop and verify monthly earnings for self-employed beneficiaries:

  • Determine dates of work, the hours of work, and reasons for stopping work, and complete form SSA-820-F4, Work Activity Report – Self-Employed Person, DI 10510.025.

  • If available, obtain a Self-employment Tax Return Schedule C & SE.

  • Evaluate the self-employed beneficiary’s countable income according to instructions in Determining Countable Income, DI 10510.012.


  • DI 13010.035, The Trial Work Period (TWP)

  • DI 10505.005, Determining Gross Earnings from Employment

  • DI 13010.700, Office of Child Support and Enforcement Data Query

  • DI 13010.630, The Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Remarks Input (IRMK) Screen

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