DI 23501.000 Prisoner Cases

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 23501.001Prisoner Case Definitions and RestrictionsBASIC 01-09
DI 23501.005Disability Determination Services (DDS) Identifying Title II Prisoner CasesTN 1 06-13
DI 23501.010Evaluating Impairment(s) in Prisoner CasesBASIC 01-09
DI 23501.015Completing the SSA-831 (Disability Determination and Transmittal) for Prisoner CasesBASIC 01-09
DI 23501.020Prisoner Case NoticesBASIC 01-09
DI 23501.025Prisoner Notice Finder ChartBASIC 01-09
DI 23501.060Prisoner Case System Inputs and RoutingBASIC 01-09
DI 23501.070Prisoner Case Request for ReconsiderationBASIC 01-09
DI 23501.075Reopening and Revision After Conviction of a Felony or After Felony Conviction Is OverturnedBASIC 01-09

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