Medical Evaluation

Chapter Table of Contents
DI 24501.000General - Medical Evaluation
DI 24503.000Evaluating Evidence to Conform With the New Medical Evidence Regulation
DI 24505.000Impairment Severity
DI 24510.000Residual Functional Capacity (RFC)
DI 24515.000Specific Medical Evaluation Instructions
DI 24530.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Musculoskeletal
DI 24535.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Special Senses and Speech
DI 24540.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Respiratory
DI 24545.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Cardiovascular
DI 24550.000Evaluation of Specific Medical Issues - Digestive
DI 24555.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Genitourinary Impairments
DI 24570.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Endocrine System and Obesity
DI 24580.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Neurological Disorders
DI 24585.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Cancer
DI 24595.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Immune System Disorders
DI 24598.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Growth Impairment
DI 24599.000Evaluation of Specific Issues -- Speech and Language Impairments

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