Medical Evaluation

Chapter Table of Contents
DI 24501.000General - Medical Evaluation
DI 24503.000Evaluating Evidence
DI 24505.000Impairment Severity
DI 24508.000Medical Evaluation at Step 3 of Sequential Evaluation
DI 24510.000Residual Functional Capacity (RFC)
DI 24515.000Specific Medical Evaluation Instructions
DI 24530.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Musculoskeletal
DI 24535.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Special Senses and Speech
DI 24540.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Respiratory
DI 24545.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Cardiovascular
DI 24550.000Evaluation of Specific Medical Issues - Digestive
DI 24555.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Genitourinary Impairments
DI 24570.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Endocrine System and Obesity
DI 24580.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Neurological Disorders
DI 24585.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Cancer
DI 24595.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Immune System Disorders
DI 24598.000Evaluation of Specific Issues - Growth Impairment
DI 24599.000Evaluation of Specific Issues -- Speech and Language Impairments

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