TN 42 (12-94)

DI 24510.020 Projecting the RFC

A. Policy Principle

When criteria in DI 24510.001 A.2. are met, an RFC must be projected 12 months from the onset date when:

  • the case is adjudicated within 12 months of onset,

  • the severity of the impairment is disabling at the time of adjudication, and

  • the impairment(s) will not meet or equal a listed impairment, but will continue to be severe 12 months from onset.

NOTE: Do not project severity if a claimant's impairment, though severe, does not currently prevent substantial gainful activity (SGA). In this case, denial would be appropriate based on assessment of function and ability to do either past or other work.

B. Procedures

1. Project

the RFC 12 months from onset.

2. Base

the RFC assessment on all evidence in file, including (but not limited to):

  • nature of the impairment

  • therapeutic history

  • prescribed treatment

  • functional restrictions

  • claimant's daily activities

  • type, dosage, effectiveness, and adverse side-effects of any medication

  • nature, location, onset, duration, frequency, radiation, and intensity of any pain, and response to treatment

  • precipitating and aggravating factors for pain, or other symptoms (e.g., movement, activity, environmental conditions)

C. Operating Policy

1. Date Last Insured

An RFC assessment may be required as of (or prior to) the date last insured (DLI).

2. CDB Claims

In title II CDB claims, an RFC assessment may be required prior to age 22.

3. Multiple RFC Assessments

Multiple RFC assessments may be required, depending on individual case facts, to demonstrate the beginning, duration, or ending of disability. Such situations include (but are not limited to):

  1. a. 

    onset later than alleged.

  2. b. 

    closed period.

  3. c. 

    successive unrelated impairments. In initial claims, severe impairments (or multiple not severe impairments which are severe in combination), each lasting less than 12 months, cannot be combined sequentially to meet the 12 month duration requirement.

NOTE: See DI 24510.020B.2. for procedures.

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