DI 25210.000 Considerations in Determining Disability for Children

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considerations in determining disability for children
DI 25210.001Basic Considerations (Section 416.924a(a))BASIC 01-01
Factors We Consider Throughout the Sequential Evaluation Process
DI 25210.005Factors We Consider When We Evaluate The Effects Of Your Impairment(s) On Your Functioning (Section 416.924a(b)(1)-(2))BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.010How Your Functioning Compares To The Functioning Of Children Your Age Who Do Not Have Impairments (Section 416.924a(b)(3))BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.015Combined Effects of Multiple Impairments - Policy (Section 416.924a(b)(4))BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.020How Well You Can Initiate, Sustain, and Complete Activities, Including The Amount of Help Or Adaptations You Need, And The Effects Of Structured Or Supportive Settings (Section 416.924a(b)(5))BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.025Unusual Settings - Policy (Section 416.924a(b)(6))BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.030Early Intervention And School Programs (Section 416.924a(b)(7))BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.035The Impact Of Chronic Illness And Limitations That Interfere With Your Activities Over Time – Policy (Section 416.924a(b)(8))BASIC 01-01
DI 25210.040The Effects Of Treatment (Including Medications and Other Treatment) (Section 416.924a(b)(9))BASIC 01-01

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