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DI 25230.015 Completing Section III, Explanation of Findings


Use this section to explain the evidence that shows one of the functional equivalence “Examples” applies (Disposition 4). Complete this section for all “other” denials, (Disposition 7) e.g., whereabouts unknown, failure to cooperate, CDR finding that the child is no longer disabled.

Also use this section for any continued explanation of “not severe” (Disposition 1), “medically equals listing” (Disposition 3), severe impairment(s) that does not meet or equal the listings (Disposition 5), disability that does not meet the duration requirement (Disposition 6), or for functional equivalence findings from Disposition 4 that did not fit into Section II.

Use this section to discuss any relevant factors and evidence not explained elsewhere, such as how evidence was weighed when material discrepancies could not be resolved.

At the discretion of the adjudicative team, this section may be used to explain factors or evidence that contributed to a finding of “meets” (Disposition 2), to make clear other issues particular to individual cases, and to record all of the required elements of a rationale rather than to use Form SSA-4268-U4/C4 (see DI 25235.001) or other locally produced rationale forms.

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