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DI 25235.001 Childhood Rationale Requirements

A. Policy

All the rationale elements described in DI 26515.001, DI 27020.001, and DI 28090.001. must be documented in all wholly unfavorable or partially favorable childhood disability determinations. A full rationale is not required in fully favorable determinations.

Most rationales are completed on an SSA-4268-U4/C4. However, if the SSA-538 (Childhood Disability Evaluation Form - see DI 25230.001) includes all the required rationale elements, it is not necessary to complete an SSA-4268-U4/C4.

If the SSA-538 does not contain all the required rationale elements and an SSA-4268-U4/C4 must be completed, the findings in the SSA-538 may be incorporated by reference in the SSA-4268-U4/C4.

B. References

Descriptions of the rationale elements required in initial, reconsideration, and continuing disability review cases:

  • DI 26515.001, Overview of the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program

  • DI 27020.001, The Reconsideration Rationale

  • DI 28090.001, Cessation or Continuance of Disability or Blindness Determination and Transmittal (SSA-832/833) Rationale

  • DI 25230.001, Instructions on use of the SSA-538.

  • DI 25230.020, Exhibit of form SSA-538.

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