DI 25501.000 Onset

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 25501.200Overview of Onset PolicyTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.210Alleged Onset Date (AOD)TN 11 11-12
DI 25501.220Potential Onset Date (POD)TN 15 12-17
DI 25501.230Amended Alleged Onset DateTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.240Disability Freeze and Established OnsetTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.250Establishing an Established Onset Date by Reopening Prior Disability Filings and Previously Adjudicated PeriodsTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.260Establishing the Established Onset Date (EOD) in Reconsideration and Appeal ClaimsTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.270Establishing an Interim Established Onset Date (EOD)TN 11 11-12
DI 25501.280Notifying Claimants of Partially Favorable AllowancesTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.300Established Onset Dates (EOD) for Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) ClaimsTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.310The Established Onset Date (EOD) for Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) Claims and Date First Insured (DFI)TN 11 11-12
DI 25501.320Date Last Insured (DLI) and the Established Onset Date (EOD)TN 11 11-12
DI 25501.330Establishing an Established Onset Date (EOD) for Childhood Disability Benefits (CDB) ClaimsTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.340Established Onset Date (EOD) in Disabled Minor Child (DMC) CasesTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.350Establishing an Established Onset Date (EOD) for Disabled Widow(er) (DWB) Cases (Not Medicare)TN 11 11-12
DI 25501.360Established Onset in Deemed Entitlement to Disabled Widow(er)’s Benefits for Medicare ClaimsTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.365Established Onset for Medicare Qualified Government Employment (MQGE) ClaimsTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.370The Established Onset Date For Title XVI ClaimsTN 11 11-12
DI 25501.380Establishing the Established Onset Date (EOD) of Statutory Blindness in Title II Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) ClaimsTN 12 06-14
DI 25501.390Considering Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) and Past Work when Establishing the Established Onset Date (EOD)TN 11 11-12
DI 25501.400Established Onset Date (EOD) and Unsuccessful Work Attempts (UWA)TN 14 06-17