TN 37 (05-15)

DI 28001.070 Benefit Continuation - Policy


Public Law(P.L.) 98-460

Using the benefit continuation provisions under Title II and Title XVI, an individual whose disability has ceased for medical reasons may elect to continue to receive benefits and Medicare coverage, if applicable, or Medicare only while appealing the medical cessation through the administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing level. For the procedures to processing benefit continuation cases under Title II and Title XVI, see DI 12027.001. For Title XVI and concurrent (Title II/Title XVI) cases, the Goldberg v. Kelly procedures apply. See “Appeal and the Right to Goldberg Kelly (GK) Payment Continuation” in section SI 02301.310.


  • SI 02301.301 Overview of Goldberg/Kelly (GK) Processing

  • DI 27540.030 Title XVI-Only-Goldberg/Kelly Payment Continuation Applies

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