DI 28095.050 Whereabouts Unknown Notices

If a person's whereabouts become unknown after the case arrives at the DDS, the DDS should return the case to the DO for further development. If the DDS can make a title II cessation determination they must first prepare and release a due process notice (see DI 28080.010). Then they should indicate the T23 cessation paragraph in item 29 of the SSA-833-U5. The DDS inputs the cessation data directly. The cessation notice will be generated and released in ODO or the PSC.

NOTE: In the INTPSC, if there is no response to the due process notice, the folder will be forwarded to the appropriate module for input of the cessation data and generation of the notice.

Title XVI only whereabouts unknown cases would not be sent to the DDS. In whereabouts unknown cases, title XVI payments are suspended while title II benefits are terminated.

In concurrent title II/title XVI whereabouts unknown cessations, the DDS prepares and releases a due process notice on the title II case (see DI 28080.010). Then the DDS follows the above instructions to generate a title II cessation notice. The title XVI part of the concurrent case is sent to the DO for suspension of payments.

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