TN 1 (09-16)

DI 29005.010 Individual Has a Change of Address

A. Case jurisdiction for an individual address change

The individual's current residence address determines which disability determination services (DDS) has jurisdiction of the case. For information on jurisdiction, see DI 20101.015.

B. Procedure for an individual address change

1. When change of address received

When the individual changes address, the jurisdiction of the case may change. Therefore, the DDS currently handling the case must determine jurisdiction. For additional instructions on determining DDS or Social Security Administration (SSA) jurisdiction according to geographic location, see DI 20101.030 and DI 20101.035.

2. When another DDS has jurisdiction

When another DDS has jurisdiction, the pre-hearing (PH) reviewer will follow the procedures in DI 28030.001E and DI 81020.125 by:

· Documenting the individual’s new address and information about any outstanding development in an SSA-5002 (Report of Contact),

· Notifying the field office (FO) that the case is being sent to another DDS by adding a message to the Electronic folder,

· Updating the National Disability Determinations Service System (NDDSS) per DI 81020.125B,

· Printing and filing documentation in the Modular Disability Folder (MDF) for paper cases,

· Routing the paper MDF to the appropriate DDS, and

· Forwarding any evidence received after folder movement for association with the MDF.

3. Who to notify of change

The DDS will send written confirmation (SSA-5002, email, or electronic message) of the address and jurisdiction change to the FO and disability hearing unit (DHU) when notified of the change by a source other than these components.

C. References

  • DI 11010.255 Sending Initial Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB), Freeze Claims to the Disability Determination Services (DDS)

  • DI 20101.035 Disability Determination Services (DDS) and Social Security (SSA) Jurisdictions when the Claimant Moves

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