DI 30005.000 Adjudicating Component Actions on Deficient Cases

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 30005.001The Quality Review ProcessTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.005Types of Federal Quality ReviewsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.110General Criteria for Classifying Documentation DeficienciesTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.113Criteria for Classifying Work Activity Documentation DeficienciesTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.115High and Low Impact Grace PeriodsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.121Group I Decisional DeficienciesTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.123Group I Documentation DeficienciesTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.125Group II Period of Disability Decisional DeficienciesTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.126Group II Period of Disability Documentation DeficienciesTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.127Technical Corrective ActionsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.201General Rules for Routing And Correcting Deficient CasesTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.210Correcting Group I Deficiencies - GeneralTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.215Correcting Group I Decisional Deficiencies Involving OnsetTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.216Correcting Group I Medical Documentation Deficiencies Involving OnsetTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.217Correcting Group I SGA and Work Activity DeficienciesTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.220Correcting Group II Decisional DeficienciesTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.221Correcting Group II Ending Date and Cessation Date Documentation DeficienciesTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.225Correcting Group II Onset Date Documentation DeficienciesTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.227Correcting Group II Onset Date Deficiencies Involving a ReopeningTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.228Correcting Group II Work Activity Documentation DeficienciesTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.230Correcting Decision Basis Code Technical Corrective ActionsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.231Correcting 12-Month Medical Evidence of Record (MER) Technical Corrective Actions (TCA)TN 13 02-18
DI 30005.232General Rules for Correcting Other Technical Corrective ActionsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.233Notices Requiring a Technical Corrective ActionTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.234Correcting Unsigned or Improperly Signed Determination FormsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.235Correcting Missing or Incomplete Residual Functional Capacity Assessment or Psychiatric Review Technique FormsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.236Correcting Incorrect Psychiatric Review Technique Forms and Residual Functional Capacity Assessment FormsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.237Correcting Cases with Other Missing or Incorrect FormsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.239Correcting Mental Impairment Case Technical Corrective ActionsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.240Correcting Unsigned Consultative Examination ReportsTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.241Correcting Cases with Essential Evidence that is Missing or IllegibleTN 10 02-11
DI 30005.405Second ReturnsTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.407Deficient CDR Reconsideration Reversals and Favorable Reconsideration ReopeningsTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.411Routing Determination Forms - DDS ProcedureTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.413Correcting Cases Which Have Been Inadvertently EffectuatedTN 8 04-04
DI 30005.501Introduction to the Office of Quality Review (OQR) Rebuttal ProcessTN 12 09-16
DI 30005.510The Office of Quality Review (OQR) Rebuttal ProcessTN 12 09-16
DI 30005.540Policy Issue Referrals in Rebuttal Cases Using the Office of Quality Review (OQR) Rebuttal ProcessTN 12 09-16
DI 30005.550Rescinding and Correcting DeficienciesTN 12 09-16
DI 30005.570Exhibit - Group I/II Deficiency CodesTN 8 04-04

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