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DI 33010.010 Preparation of the DHU Folder


1. General

An in-house folder is prepared for every case processed in the DHU.

The folder allows for orderly retention of all hearing materials. It also acts as a general reference for case processing and post-hearing activities.

2. Contents

The following types of documents are retained in the DHU folder:

  • Documents related to the processing of the specific case, such as copies of Forms SSA-1204-BK; SSA-1205-BK; SSA-887; SSA-1207.

  • Copies of congressional inquiries.

  • Post-hearing material. (When the original of such material is to be associated with the claims folder, a copy is made for the DHU folder. See DI 33020.020 for information on trailer material.)

  • Copies of any hearing documents normally retained in the claims folder, but identified by the SHO for inclusion in the DHU folder, e.g., correspondence from the claimant, and medical reports.

3. Retention

The DHU folder is retained one year from the date of the last action or inquiry.

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