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DI 33010.015 Supervisory Hearing Officer (SHO) Case Review — Prior to Disability Hearing

A. Process

A certain number of cases, as needed, are screened by the SHO.

The Review:

  • Takes place as soon as possible after the case arrives in the DHU, but after basic receipt functions have been performed and before claimant/representative and DHO review.

  • Pinpoints problem areas with case development.

  • Ensures that all prior actions have been properly performed, including the identification of adverse effect material (see DI 33015.050), and the need for an interpreter.

  • Enables the SHO to determine if a fully favorable decision is warranted without a hearing.

B. Procedure

1. Development incomplete

Return the case to the development unit if the development is so incomplete that a hearing cannot be held, e.g., allegations not investigated, insufficient medical evidence.

See DI 33015.033 for discussion of returns for additional development (RADS).

NOTE: The DDS administrator decides if State jurisdiction cases are to be returned to the DDS for development, or whether the DHU is to develop. Federal DHU cases are returned to the DDS or appropriate Federal component when additional development is needed.

2. Fully favorable decision warranted

The SHO:

  • writes the decision (see DI 33015.020), and

  • cancels (or postpones pending the results of a quality review (QR) ) any hearing which had been scheduled. (See DI 33010.007 for procedures for postponing/cancelling the hearing.)

NOTE: If the QR shows the decision to be deficient, the claims folder will be returned to the DHU for a hearing.

3. Case not returned for development or fully favorable decision not warranted

Put the claims folder in a dated holding file.

House waiver of appearance cases separately from “non-waiver” cases.

Identify and handle travel cases specially. (See DI 33015.005B.1.)

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