DI 33015.000 Procedures for Disability Hearing and Related Policy Issues

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Procedures for Disability Hearing and Related Policy Issues
DI 33015.001Arrival of Claimant/Representative at Disability Hearing Unit (DHU)TN 4 02-90
DI 33015.005Claimant/Representative Review of Claims FolderTN 9 12-07
DI 33015.010Disability Hearing Officer's Review of the Claims FolderTN 7 09-97
DI 33015.015Conducting the Disability HearingTN 7 09-97
DI 33015.020Writing the Disability Hearing Officer's (DHO’s) DecisionTN 10 12-11
DI 33015.021Claimant Does Not Appear at Disability Hearing or Waives Right to Appear at Disability HearingTN 11 01-13
DI 33015.022Disability Hearing Officer Who Held Hearing Becomes Unavailable to Write DecisionTN 5 09-92
DI 33015.025Preparing the Notice of the Disability Hearing Officer's DecisionTN 5 09-92
DI 33015.030Holding the Record Open for Documentary Evidence -Post-Hearing DevelopmentTN 4 02-90
DI 33015.032Continuance of Disability HearingTN 4 02-90
DI 33015.033Returns for Additional Development (RADS)TN 4 02-90
DI 33015.035Claimant's Right to Consultant InformationTN 4 02-90
DI 33015.040Postponements and Changes in Place of the Disability HearingTN 4 02-90
DI 33015.045Disqualification of Disability Hearing OfficerTN 4 02-90
DI 33015.050Adverse EffectTN 4 02-90
DI 33015.055Adoption of Prior DecisionsTN 6 08-94
DI 33015.060New Application Filed and Request for Reconsideration -Disability Cessation PendingTN 6 08-94
DI 33015.065Example of Modification to Scheduling Notice When Another Hearing is Required Because DHO Who Held Hearing Becomes Unavailable to Write Decisions - ExhibitsTN 6 08-94

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