DI 33535.020 Musculoskeletal

A. Arthroscopy (generally available since January 1972)

Arthroscopy is a diagnostic procedure for the evaluation of the integrity and status of joint spaces, mainly the knee, shoulder, ankle, and elbow. It would confirm the nature and extent of abnormalities of the joint involvement that may not be seen on ordinary x ray and, thus, aid in evaluating severity. It is a better diagnostic tool because it permits direct visualization of the joint spaces and surrounding anatomical structures without extensive surgical intervention.

B. Arthrogram studies (generally available since January 1978)

These are x ray studies performed by injecting radiopaque material within specific joints such as shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, wrist, and ankle to more accurately delineate various pathological conditions and, because of this, is an improved technique.

C. Metrizamide myelography with CAT scan (generally available since January 1978)

This is a contrast-enhanced computed tomographic study of the spinal cord to determine the presence and degree of various pathologic conditions such as spinal stenosis, lateral recess syndrome, arachnoiditis, herniated disc, etc. This test provides a more sensitive and better resolution of x ray images of the spinal structures.

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