DI 33535.025 Ophthalmology

A. Electro-oculography (EOG) (generally available since January 1970)

Electro-oculography (EOG) is a diagnostic method to determine whether a disorder of the retinal pigment epithelium exists. It would apply to Listing 2.02 of appendix I.

B. Visual evoked responses (VER) (generally available since January 1980)

The results of this testing technique may apply to Listing 2.02 of appendix 1. Stimulation of the retina changes the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex. A valid, absent response to VER testing in an eye indicates that the best-corrected visual acuity in that eye is 20/200 or less. Conversely, a normal response to VER testing is a significant finding in the assessment of alleged reduction of visual acuity without demonstrable cause. It is an improved technique because it can be used to evaluate individuals who are unwilling or unable to cooperate in other techniques.

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