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DI 39503.225 Use of DDS Work Sampling Data in Workpower Analysis

The revised State Agency Work Sampling (SAWS) system was implemented in fiscal year 1978, and the first year's data became available in September 1978.

The use of unit times (minutes/case) in workpower analysis will provide insight into the requirements for and utilization of total workpower; e.g., the disposition of work years by position types, and shifts in the mix of unit times by type of cases from year to year.

The use of work sampling unit times needs to be fully documented in the rationale accompanying workpower analysis changes. Please exercise caution in ensuring that only validated and reliable SAWS data are used, i.e., data resulting from sufficient numbers of samples to ensure validity.


The CDI workload in fiscal year 1979 was increased by 300,000 cases nationally with 5,300 additional nonrollback conversion CDI's to be processed by the State agency this year. For illustrative purposes, it was assumed SAWS data provided information reflecting a unit time of 688 minutes/cases for nonrollback CDI's. Computing the mix change resulting from introduction of this new load would require:

5,300 ×688 = 3,664,400 minutes ÷by 60 ÷by 1,750 = 35 WY's

Since the workload count adjustment has already included workpower for 5,300 additional CDI's at 447 minutes per case (base on the prior fiscal year PPWY of 234.9) the difference between these two unit times produces a mix change calculated:


Fiscal year 1979 688 (SAWS data) minutes/case
Fiscal year 1978 447 (SAWS data) minutes/case
+241 minutes per case
÷1,750 (see definitions for work year)
+12.2 work year/mix change due to nonrollback CDI conversion cases

NOTE: The unit times reflected here are not necessarily valid and serve only to demonstrate the principle of utilizing SAWS in workpower analysis.

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