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DI 39503.230 Workpower Analysis -- Definitions

The following definitions are essential to understanding the terminology used in workpower analysis:

A. Work-year

A basic unit in workpower productivity and cost measurement; it is the amount of productive time provided by one employee working full-time for 1 year. For purposes of estimating time available to do work in 1 year, holidays, sick, annual, and administrative leave must be excluded. For example, suppose an employee's hourly pay rate is figured on the basis of 2,080 hours per year (364 days less 104 weekend days), and assuming his nonwork time for the year is as follows:

Holiday 68.0 hours
Sick Leave 75.0 hours
Annual Leave 155.7 hours
Administrative Leave 4.8 hours
Total Nonwork Time 303.5 hours

Subtracting the total nonwork time of 303.5 hours from the base of 2,080 hours for the year leaves 1,776.5 hours available for work, or 1 “productive” work-year. Calculation of average productive hours in an agency work-year, of course, requires that it be based on total agency data and not computed for each employee individually.

B. Production per work-year (PPWY)

The relationship which exists between the number of cases disposed of and the resources used to obtain the dispositions. Expressed as a formula, it is:

WP (Workload Processed)
WY (Work-Years Used)
= PPWY (Production Per Work-Year)

C. Workload

The workload is the projected number of claims to be disposed of within a given period of time. Workload is defined as cases processed as distinguished from cases received. This is an important distinction because the only way to realistically calculate workpower requirements is through the number of cases to be processed. However, when pending levels remain relatively constant from year to year, receipts may become synonomous with dispositions.

The development of the DDS budget will require the preparation of workpower analysis as the first step toward determining resource needs. While this section of the POMS provides an overview of the principles of workpower analysis, the regional office should be contacted before beginning to prepare a workpower analysis. The regional office will be able to assist the DDS in developing significant data by providing training, guidance, examples, and specific direction as to content, format, and documentation required to arrive at a workpower analysis summation.

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