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DI 39530.001 DDS Equipment -- General


Section 221(f) of the Social Security Act;
Regulations 20 CFR 404.1623(a), 416.1023(a), 404.1628 and 416.1028

A. Policy

1. Funding

Subject to appropriate Federal funding, the State will provide adequate equipment to facilitate accurate and prompt disability determinations.

2. Title/Ownership

Title to equipment rests with the State but ownership is transferred to SSA on:

  • the date the State is notified that SSA will assume the disability determination function; or

  • the date SSA is notified that the State wishes to terminate the relationship.

3. Obtaining equipment

The disability determination services (DDS) may obtain equipment through:

  • Purchase

  • Rental

  • Lease/Purchase agreement.

4. EDP equipment

Electronic data processing (EDP) equipment is to be considered separately from other equipment. Standards and requirements applicable to EDP equipment are found in DI 39536.000.

B. Definition of equipment

Equipment is any article of tangible personal property that has a lifeof more than one year, an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more per unit, and probable resale, salvage or trade-in value.

NOTE: Rental equipment is also covered by this definition.

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