Basic (10-02)

DI 39530.035 Loss or Destruction of DDS Equipment

A. Policy

Follow State practice (e.g., investigating, recovery, and fixing pecuniary liability, etc.) when DDS equipment is lost or destroyed.

NOTE: State or private insurance settlements offered in whole or partial settlements of a loss are acceptable.

B. Procedures

1. Notification

The DDS must advise the RO regarding any loss or destruction of equipment. The notification should include a description of the equipment and impact to DDS operations.

2. Supporting documentaton

The DDS must send the RO supporting documentation which:

  • Describes the loss

  • Describes the actions taken by the State to resolve

  • Outlines final resolution

  • Includes signature of the State official empowered to make such a disposition.

NOTE: This statement will serve as supporting documentation until an audit has been conducted and resolved.

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