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DI 39530.040 DDS Funding Process

A. Policy

1. Funding

Funds for equipment acquisition, whether by purchase, rental, lease/purchase or replacement, must be requested by the State agency and approved as part of the SSA funding process.

See POMS DI 39536.000 (DDS EDP Systems) for distinctions in the funding process for EDP related equipment.

2. Substitutions

In instances where it is necessary to substitute the purchase of an item--similar in function and type--for an item previously approved, prior authorization is not necessary if:

  • the cost of the substitute item does not exceed that of the original item, and

  • the costs remain within the limit of the obligational authorization.

B. Procedure

1. Funding

a. Anticipated equipment needs

Reflect equipment needs in the DDS Annual Spending Plan. [Refer to PM 00203.000 for instructions on the DDS Spending Plan request.) Prepare supporting narrative explanation (e.g., need and use) for new types of equipment.

b. Unanticipated equipment needs

Prepare justification and obtain RO approval for equipment needs not anticipated in the Annual Spending Plan request.

2. Reporting

Identify all purchased equipment--excluding rental equipment--on Form SSA-871 (State Agency Schedule of Equipment Purchased for SSA Disability Programs). Submit SSA-871 as an attachment to the SSA-4513 (State Agency Report of Obligations for SSA Disability Programs) to the RO at the end of each quarter in which the obligation for the equipment is disbursed.

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