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DI 39539.001 Obtaining Supplies - DDS

CITATIONS: Section 221(f) of the Social Security Act; Regulations 20 CFR 404.1623(a), 416.1023(a), 404.1628 and 416.1028

A. Introduction

Subject to appropriate Federal funding, the State will provide adequate supplies to facilitate accurate and prompt disability determinations. This subchapter includes Disability Determination Services (DDS) procedures for obtaining supplies—including Social Security Administration (SSA) provided forms, publications, training materials and supplies.

B. Policy

1. DDS procurement

Most DDS office supplies are secured through established State procurement procedures using available operating funds--which are budgeted in the DDS Annual Spending Plan request. See PM 00203.000 for guidelines in preparing the DDS Spending Plan requests.

2. Ordering SSA publications

The SSA Center for Publications Management (CPM) is responsible for the policy, design, and distribution of forms and publications.

The Publications and Distribution Management Team (PDMT)—a component within CPM--manages the SSA Automated Distribution Management System (ADMS) which delivers selected publications (e.g., POMS, MSOM, CFR, Federal Register, Commissioner Bulletins, etc.) to the State DDSs on predetermined dates. See SSA Administrative Instructions Manual System (AIMS), Chapter 03, Instruction Number 07 for information regarding the distribution policy of the ADMS.

3. Ordering SSA forms, pamphlets, and selected supplies

The SSA Center for Supply Management (CSM)—under the domain of the Office of Supply and Warehouse Management (OSWM)--provides the DDSs nationwide with the means to obtain SSA forms and pamphlets, SSA provided training material, and selected office supplies using the following avenues:

  • SSA Direct Delivery Order Management System (DDOMS).

  • SSA Online Supply Ordering System.

  • SSA MyStock

  • SSA Customer Service Desk.


      The CSM manages an inventory of over 2,000 items, responds to inquiries regarding supply orders, and assists customers by processing emergency orders.

C. Definitions

1. Back order (B/O)

This represents a supply item currently out of stock. Back orders will be shipped at a later date; no action is required by the DDS.

2. Back order deleted

Pending back order has been purged. These back orders will not be filled.

3. Back order released

Shipment has or is being made to fill previous back order.

4. Discontinued item

Supply item has been dropped from SSA inventory and is no longer available.

5. Item control number (ICN)

Each supply item stored in SSA's supply system is assigned a six-digit ICN. The ICN represents the storage location of the particular item.

6. Priority

Supply item was processed on an expedited basis - ahead of normal requests.

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