DI 39545.000 Purchased Medical Services

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 39545.001Purchased Medical Services – IntroductionBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.025DDS Fiscal ResponsibilitiesBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.075Management of the Consultative Examination (CE) ProcessBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.100Key and Volume ProvidersBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.120Sources and Types of Purchased Medical ServicesBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.150CE/MER EvidenceBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.175Authorizing Consultative Examinations (CEs)BASIC 09-06
DI 39545.200Monitoring Qualifications of Consultative Examination (CE) Provider Support StaffBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.225Purchasing Medical Services Across State LinesBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.250Consultative Examination (CE) Scheduling IntervalsBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.275Missed Consultative Examination (CE) AppointmentsBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.300Medical Sources Subpoenaed to Hearings — ExpensesBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.325Medical Development Requests from Foreign Countries under International Agreements (Totalization)BASIC 09-06
DI 39545.350Claimant Evaluation of Consultative Examination (CE) ProvidersBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.375Claimant Complaints of Consultative Examination (CE) ProviderBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.400Ensuring Quality and Integrity of Consultative Examination (CE) ReportsBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.425Release of Consultative Examination (CE) Reports to Claimants By CE ProvidersBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.450Independent Consultative Examination (CE) Report Review SystemBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.500DDS Onsite Reviews of Consultative Examination (CE) ProvidersBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.525Exhibit 1 – Suggested Protocol for DDS Onsite Reviews of Consultative Examination (CE) ProvidersBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.550DDS Consultative Examination (CE) Oversight ReportingBASIC 09-06
DI 39545.575DDS Annual Consultative Examinations (CE) Oversight ReportTN 1 07-15
DI 39545.600