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DI 39563.220 State Agency Work Sampling (SAWS)

The SAWS system includes all DDS's except South Carolina Blind and Guam, and samples the activities of each employee in each DDS (including decentralized locations) once a week throughout the year. The sample design insures adequate sample sizes for statistical accuracy. In addition, sampling in each DDS provides geographical representation and also accommodates variations resulting from particular patterns of work related to certain days of the week or times of the day. The SAWS system provides more comprehensive unit time data for manpower and budgetary evaluation and offers a better insight into the DDS time requirements for processing the various types of cases.

The basic mechanics of SAWS include sampling approximately one-fifth of the DDS staffs each day. The sample days and sample times for the entire fiscal year are randomly selected by SSA central office and mailed annually to the DDS's prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. During the course of the year, each DDS then conducts daily samples at designated time periods. Sample rounds occur during the working hours of each DDS, Monday through Friday, including lunch time and break periods. The sample round consists of recording the activities of each DDS employee by position type and by the specific activity being performed at the sample moment. DDS employees out-of-office on official agency business also participate in the scheduled sampling. DDS's submit SAWS data within two workdays following the sample day. National SAWS data is then edited, tabulated and made available to the DDS for workload management and other purposes.

Questions concerning the SAWS program should be directed to the regional SAWS coordinator.

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