Basic (03-86)

DI 39563.424 Production Controls and Goals

A. General

No national production goal or quota has been set for case processing except that implied by the budget of each DDS which is based on expected dispositions, and by the processing time levels stated in the Federal regulations.

B. Regular cases

DDS administrators should set production standards for experienced examiners and for those at various levels of training. Generally, a case requiring little or no additional development should be processed promptly by the DDS. Cases needing medical development should be processed in a timeframe consistent with the threshold levels for both titles, but as early and accurately as possible.

C. First and second tier return cases

Processing time usually continues to accrue on returned cases; therefore, DDS's should process these cases expeditiously. The DDS should give priority processing status to cases returned by the DDS Quality Assurance Unit, and those returned by the regional Disability Analysis Branch or the Office of Disability Operations on a decisional or documentational deficiency basis.

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