DI 40105.000 Withdrawals and Unprocessed Technical Denials

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DI 40105.001 Initial Disability Claims that are Denied for Non-Medical Reason TN 1 01-11
DI 40105.005 Processing Title II Disability Withdrawals in the Office of Disability Operations/Processing Centers (ODO/PCs) TN 1 01-11
DI 40105.010 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Has Made an Initial Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) Allowance, Notice of Death in the Waiting Period TN 1 01-11
DI 40105.015 Onset for DIB Less Than 5 Full Months before Full Retirement Age (FRA) TN 1 01-11
DI 40105.020 Onset of Disabled Widow(er)’s Benefits (DWB) Later Than Age 62 Years 7 Months in Waiting Period Cases/ Age 63 in No Waiting Period Cases TN 1 01-11
DI 40105.025 Closed Period Freeze Determinations Where Disability Ceased More Than 12 Months before the Month in Which the Application Was Filed TN 1 01-11
DI 40105.050 Administrative Res Judicata – Processing Center (PC) Instructions TN 1 01-11
DI 40105.055 Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) Insured Status Not Met – Office of Disability Operations (ODO) Only TN 1 01-11

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