TN 47 (08-96)

DI 42586.010 Folder Retrieval -- Stieberger

A. Policy

The folder retrieval group in CO will use the queries listed in DI 42586.015 to locate Stieberger claim(s) and related subsequent claims.

NOTE: In concurrently filed title II/XVI claims, where both are medically allowed or denied, the medical evidence should always be filed in the title II folder. When the SSI claim is medically allowed or denied and the title II claim is technically denied, the medical evidence should be filed in the title XVI folder.

B. Process

The folder retrieval process is a follows:

  • Retrieve the folder if the class member has a subsequent period of entitlement to Title II or Title XVI disability.

  • The DDS or FO will request prior Stieberger folders, if development of an earlier period is warranted.

  • When requesting prior Stieberger claims, the DDS or FO will return a copy of the CATS alert, and queries to ODIO, Class Action Section (see DI 42586.007A.) via the Stieberger Folder Request Memo. See DI 42586.095, Exhibit 6.

  • The DDS or FO will send appropriate follow-ups to ODIO, Class Action Section (see DI 42586.007A.).

  • When the folder request is returned and the folder retrieval worksheet is missing, the DDS or FO will phone the Stieberger coordinator at 410-966-0898.

  • If the DDS or FO questions certification of the folder retrieval worksheet, they will contact their regional office (RO) Stieberger coordinator for assistance. The RO Stieberger coordinator will contact the ODIO, Class Action Section.

  • Please do not forward completed folders to The Class Action Section (CAS) located in Baltimore, Maryland. Upon completion of a case, the folder should be forwarded to the appropriate storage facility (PSC, WBDOC, ODO). CAS does not house completed folders.

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