TN 47 (08-96)

DI 42586.015 Queries -- Stieberger

A. Introduction

The following queries can be used to identify what Stieberger claim(s) and related subsequent claims have been filed and the location of such claim(s).


  • AR-25/CATS Alert (See NOTE, below)


  • ODIO Overnight

  • FACT

  • OHAQ

  • DDSQ

  • BDIQ

  • PSC-Locate

NOTE: If the SSICCS shows NIF, a full AR-25 will not be generated. NIF will be shown in the Folder Location Information field on the CATS alert instead.

B. Description of SSR/STALE

1. General

  1. a. 

    The SSR contains the records of all active SSI claims.

  2. b. 

    The STALE file was created to limit the size of the SSI Master File (SSR). STALE contains the records of certain terminated and inactive SSI claims.

    NOTE: SSR and STALE query responses are referred to as Supplemental Security Income Record Displays (SSIRD). STALE records are available once a week.

2. Interpreting the SSIRD

Paid records will appear in sequence by record establishment date followed by any non-paid records in record establishment order. When a person has filed as part of a couple's claim, the record may appear following at the end of the record of the other spouse. Important entries on the SSIRD are:

Segment Field
PSY= Current Payment Status
ID = Individual Recipient Identification
CMSC HUN= Housed Under Number
PL = Appeals Code/Date
PRSN AP = Date of Application
DF = Actual Filing Date
DB = Date of Birth
DOE= Date of Eligibility
ADDR DIS= Servicing FO Code
DISB MG = Disability Cessation Code and Date
UMIH T = Type of Unearned Income
P = PSC Code
CMPH PS = N07/N08 (Disability Termination).

C. Description of AR-25

1. General

The AR-25 will store a maximum of 6 movements of folder history. As all 6 history fields are used, the oldest movements are deleted from SSICS (SM 01201.060).

NOTE: AR-25 query responses are available four times a week.

2. Interpreting the AR-25

The important fields on the AR-25 are:

a. Line 4

  • HUN is the housed under number on the SSR/STALE file.

  • FUN is the number under which the claims folder is filed.

b. Line 5

  • FRC contains information regarding folders located in the Social Security Administration National Records Center (SSANRC) or Federal Records Centers (FRC).

  • CCI is the court case indicator using the 2 digit year of the court case. Any claim with a CCI will not be destroyed.

c. Line 7

Gives headers for location (LOC), receipt date (REC) and cleared date (CLR).

d. Line 8

Starts with the most recent information and proceeds backwards through each prior location/receipt/clearance.

  • LOC - the first occurrence of LOC is the current folder location. The second occurrence is the most recent prior folder location (PFL). The third occurrence is the location prior to PFL.

  • REC and CLR - The date under REC following each LOC is the date on which that LOC transmitted a receipt action. IF REC = zeros, then no receipt was transmitted. The date under each CLR following each REC is the date on which that LOC transmitted a clearance action to the LOC code in the preceding LOC field.

NOTE: The first occurrence of CLR on line 8 will always be zeros because the LOC shows the current location.

e. Line 9

The LOC, REC and CLR fields on this line contain up to the next 3 prior folder location occurrences.

D. Example

The following is an example of folder movement recorded on the AR-25:



 L86 2/01/86 00/00/00 L0E 12/26/83 00/00/00 

 R41 9/01/83 00/00/00 5001 00/00/00 00/00/00 

       CLR      LOC 

 105 10/22/83  10/30/83 

 S32  6/15/83    7/01/83 

In the example above, the following sequence of events occurred, beginning with the last LOC on the second line:

  • S32 receipted the claim on 06/15/83.

  • S32 cleared the claim to 5001 on 07/01/83.

  • OHA (5001) had no receipt or clearance capability in 1983, therefore REC and CLR fields for 5001 contain zeros.

  • R41 receipted the claim on 09/01/83 (R41 did not clear claim to 105).

  • 105 receipted the claim on 10/22/83.

  • 105 cleared the claim to L0E (SSANRC) on 10/30/83.

  • L0E receipted the claim on 12/26/83.

    NOTE: This action also updates FRC (line 5 on the AR-25) to L0E.

  • SSICS inactivated this claim to L86 (Philadelphia) on 02/01/86, and FRC was also updated. o in situations where there is no CLR date, it is possible that the new office reporting movement may not have the claim materials from the prior location.

    EXAMPLE: 105 reported receipt after R41 reported receipt with no clearance. It is possible that R41 still houses materials and 105 may have receipted other materials or initiated a subsequent application.

E. Description of ODIO Overnight

The ODIO overnight is an offline query response showing all of the information contained on the ODIO case control system. It will reflect the prior location for active folders, show all folders in the FRC, and show folder locations for certain cross referred SSNs.

F. Description of FACT

1. General

The FACT is a title II query which contains complete data from the Master Beneficiary Record (SM 00510.000).

2. Interpreting the FACT

The important entries on the FACT are:

Data Line Field
ACCOUNT PCOC = PSC of Jurisdiction
FLI = Folder Locator
PAYMENT DOC = District Office Code
BENEFIT BIC = Beneficiary Identification Code
DOF = Date of Filing
DRD = Debit Run Date (CAPS Denial Date)
RDD = Reason for Disallowance/Denial
TOC = Type of Claim
LAF = Current Payment Status
DIB DLM = Date Insured Status Last Met
DDO = Date of Disability Onset
LOD = Level of Denial
BDC = Basis for Denial Code
DBC = Month/year of DIB Termination
X-REF XRTC = Cross Reference SSN
BENREF BOAN = Beneficiary's own SSN.

G. Description of OHAQ

1. General

The OHAQ is created by OHA and is a record of OHA and/or court-level activity.

2. Interpreting the OHAQ

The important fields on the OHAQ are:

  1. a. 

    CLT= Type of case

  2. b. 

    HRD= Hearing request date

  3. c. 

    OFC= Office code

  4. d. 

    ACC= Current action code

  5. e. 

    ACD= Current action date

  6. f. 

    CTT= Case transfer code

  7. g. 

    2TT= 2nd Case transfer code

  8. h. 

    DID= Disposition issued date

  9. i. 

    DSP= Disposition type code

  10. j. 

    RRD= Request for Appeals Council Review.

H. Description of DDSQ

1. General

The DDSQ is a record created by the DDS. It reflects both title II and title XVI information.

2. Interpreting the DDSQ

The important fields on the DDSQ are:

  1. a. 

    APD= Application date

  2. b. 

    S12D= State received date

  3. c. 

    TYP= Type of claim (IN= initial claim, RC= reconsideration)

  4. d. 

    DEC= Decision and basis code

  5. e. 

    SCD= State cleared date

  6. f. 

    DO= Field office that sent the case to DDS

  7. g. 

    DST= Destination of the file when it left DDS

  8. h. 

    HISTORY= Previous activity at DDS

  9. i. 

    SLC= Study list code.

I. Description of BDIQ

  1. a. 

    The BDIQ is a folder location query response for title II disability related claims shown on the ODIO Case Control System.

    NOTE: Although it is not always reliable, the title XVI folder location information may be recorded on the ODIO case control system.

  2. b. 

    The BDIQ will track separate records provided that the claim is housed under a different folder type, e.g., HA and SD, HA and C.

  3. c. 

    The BDIQ tracks the most recent movement, not any particular claim. Usually the most recent movement does relate to the most recent claim. But when another file with the same folder type moves, it becomes the most recent movement and overlays existing folder location information on the BDIQ.

    EXAMPLE: An HA folder is located in an FO undergoing a continuing disability review; ODIO recalls an inactive HA folder, for the same SSN, from the FRC. When the previously inactive folder is recorded into ODIO, that location automatically overlays the FO read.

  4. d. 

    The BDIQ will not track PSC folder movement which does not involve ODIO, e.g., folders moving within the PSC or folders going from the PSC to the FO.

J. Description of PSC Locate

The PSC Locate query response is a title II RSDI folder location query of the PSC case control system.

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