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DI 43510.060 Consultative Examinations for Residents of Northern Mexico

Special procedures are applicable when the claimant is a resident of certain postal areas in northern Mexico. If a CE is necessary for a claimant who lives within postal areas of the towns in the States of Baja California or Sonora, Mexico, the INTPSC examiner will send an SSA-847-U3 to the DDS in Arizona or California for expeditious handling of the CE. The Arizona and California DDS's will only schedule CE's for claimants residing in the following Mexican towns.

Arizona DDS
Sonora (State)
California DDS
Baja California (State)
Agua PrietaCuervos
CananeaLos Algadones
NacoRosarito (Playas de, Rosarito), Tijuana
NogalesSan Felipe
Puerto PenascoTabasco
San Luis Rio ColoradaTecate
Santa AnaTijuana
SonoitaLa Mesa
Los Pinos

NOTE: Many of the above towns are not shown on every map. The town of Rosarito in the Baja State is a few miles south of Tijuana. It should not be confused with the Rosarito several hundred miles to the south. The listed town is shown in the “AAA” map of Mexico and Central America. The town of Tabasco is shown in the Rand McNally Atlas and is located approximately 12 miles south of Cuervos. It has no relationship to the State of Tabasco near Guatemala.

If a CE is necessary for a disabled claimant living in any other town in Mexico, request the FSP to obtain the examination.

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DI 43510.060 - Consultative Examinations for Residents of Northern Mexico - 01/23/1990
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