Basic (03-86)

DI 43510.065 Nonmedical Development

The foreign disability examiner may speak directly to an adjudicator in the claims development branch of INTPSC if there is a question about proof for entitlement purposes or initial folder development. Issues pertaining to insured status, coverage, earnings, etc., should be routed by an SSA-559 to the claims adjudicator or claims authorizer in the MOD, depending on which technician has DO jurisdiction.

A. Domestic Source

Contacts with domestic nonmedical sources will be made through the servicing district office via an SSA-5526-U3.

B. Foreign Nonmedical Development

Development for nonmedical evidence (e.g., work issues) will be initiated by means of an SSA-423-U6, to the appropriate Foreign Service Post.

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DI 43510.065 - Nonmedical Development - 01/23/1990
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