BASIC (03-86)

DI 43520.010 SSA-533FC (Translation Request)

A. Preparation of the SSA-533FC

Prepare an SSA-533FC for each document that requires an English translation. Complete Part A items 2 through 9 on every SSA-533FC. (See Exhibit C., DI 43520.070 for a copy of the SSA-533FC.) The instructions on the form are self-explanatory and should be followed together with the explanations below:

Item 2Enter current date
Item 3Indicate number of documents to be translated.
Item 4Enter originator's name, branch and section
Item 5Enter name of insured individiual.
Item 6Social Security Number
Item 7Language of document, if known.
Item 8Name of person the document was submitted for.
Item 9Check appropriate block.

B. Routing of SSA-533FC

See GN 00301.365 and GN 00307.015

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