Basic (03-86)

DI 43520.010 SSA-533FC (Translation Request)

A. Preparation of the SSA-533FC

Prepare an SSA-533FC for each document that requires an English translation. Complete Part A items 2 through 9 on every SSA-533FC. (See Exhibit C., DI 43520.070 for a copy of the SSA-533FC.) The instructions on the form are self-explanatory and should be followed together with the explanations below:

Item 2 Enter current date
Item 3 Indicate number of documents to be translated.
Item 4 Enter originator's name, branch and section
Item 5 Enter name of insured individiual.
Item 6 Social Security Number
Item 7 Language of document, if known.
Item 8 Name of person the document was submitted for.
Item 9 Check appropriate block.

B. Routing of SSA-533FC

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