DI 43530.000 Department of State Development Instructions

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 43530.001GeneralBASIC 03-86
DI 43530.005Disclosure of Social Security Information--FAM 241.2BASIC 03-86
DI 43530.010Inquiries About Benefits, Attorneys and Other Agents--FAM 241.3-1BASIC 03-86
DI 43530.015Inquiries About Benefits, Questionnaires--FAM 241.3-2BASIC 03-86
DI 43530.020Inquiries About Benefits, Formal Applications--FAM 241.3-3BASIC 03-86
DI 43530.025Disability Cases--FAM 241.6-3BASIC 03-86
DI 43530.030Events Which May Affect Continuing Eligibility, General--FAM 241.8-1BASIC 03-86
DI 43530.035How Working Affects Receipt of Benefits--FAM 241.8-2BASIC 03-86

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