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DI 43535.030 Receipt of Requested Evidence

The examiner will review the medical reports and test results to determine that the evidence the foreign country requested has been obtained. The examiner will verify that work billed for is, in fact, contained in the evidence. If a CE has been requested, and evidence is missing, for example, the EKG tracing is not included with the cardiac interpretation, or a specified test has not been conducted, the examiner will recontact the DDS for the missing information.

NOTE: Where a prior disability claim is attached to the blue jacket totalization folder, the examiner will also review the medical evidence to determine if a reopening is warranted. If a reopening is indicated, existing instructions in DI 42001.001-DI 42001.020 will apply. If a continuing disability issue is raised, see DI 43535.020.

When the examiner has verified that the foreign agency's medical request has been satisfactorily concluded, the examiner will then complete item 5 of the SSA-1278-U3. This form is a request for reimbursable expenses under the international agreements. The form will be bilingual, and each country will have its own individual designation:


    Italy--SSA-1278-U3-IT (See Ex. 7)

    Germany--SSA-1278-U3-GE (See Ex. 8)


The SSA-1278-U3 will be in the totalization folder with items number 1 through number 4 completed when the folder is sent to the disability examiner for medical development. The examiner will list in item 5 the expenses received from the DDS for one or more of the following: (1) MER, (2) examinations, (3) related tests, (4) x-rays, and (5) applicant travel expenses. The examiner will sign and date the form, and return the folder to the totalization module for completion of all remaining actions on the foreign request. If the DDS fails to provide a breakdown of the cost incurred in obtaining the evidence, the FDE will forward the SSA-1278-U3 to the earnings review examiner for cost development.

The totalization module will affix the seal of the Department of Health and Human Services to the SSA-1278-U3 form before submitting the expenses to a foreign agency for reimbursement. It is, therefore, essential that the disability examiner certify that the services for which the foreign agency is billed are in file.

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