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DI 52120.135 Mississippi Workers’ Compensation (WC)

A. Mississippi WC payment provisions

All payments are limited to 450 weeks and subject to a State maximum.

B. Lump Sum (LS) payments

WC Commission's decision is final unless a petition for review is filed within 20 days. The Commission's decision upon review is final unless either party files for judicial review within 30 days. In addition, for the period of one year, the WC Commission can review a compensation order but only for a change in condition or mistake in fact.

C. Cost-of-living Adjustments (COLA)

Mississippi does not pay a cost of living increase or any other increase.

D. Attorney fees

The maximum attorney fee for a case decided by the WC Commission is 25 percent. If the case is heard in court the attorney may charge 33 1/3 percent.

E. Retirement insurance benefit (RIB) considerations

Mississippi WC does not offset due to the receipt of RIB.

F. References - Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Website - Mississippi Lawyer Information Site

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DI 52150.060 - Prorating a WC/PDB Lump Sum Settlement

DI 52150.030 - Considering the RIB Option

DI 52150.050 - Excludable Expenses

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