DI 55030.000 Earnings Verification for Ticket Users

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 55030.001Overview of Earnings Verification in Ticket CasesTN 3 02-14
DI 55030.005Employment Network (EN) Responsibilities for Reporting Alleged Earnings to Program Manager (PM)TN 3 02-14
DI 55030.010Program Manager (PM) Responsibilities for Reporting Alleged Gross Earnings to SSATN 3 02-14
DI 55030.015Field Office (FO) Responsibilities for Handling the PM's Reports of EarningsTN 3 02-14
DI 55030.020Guidance on the Roles and Responsibilities of Field Offices (FOs) Regarding the Ticket to Work Program Earnings Process and Employment Network (EN) PaymentTN 3 02-14
DI 55030.030Accessing the CDR Development Worksheet (CDRW) ScreenTN 3 02-14
DI 55030.035Accessing the Query Earnings (QERN) ScreenTN 3 02-14
DI 55030.040Accessing the Evidence (EVID) ScreenTN 3 02-14
DI 55030.045Accessing the Verify/Update Earnings (VERN) ScreenTN 3 02-14
DI 55030.055Handling Fraudulent Earnings ReportsTN 3 02-14
DI 55030.065Continuation of the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Cost Reimbursement Payment SystemTN 3 02-14

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