TN 2 (05-22)

DI 55050.005 Handling Specific Ticket Eligibility Questions

A. Answer specific ticket eligibility questions

Field components should answer specific ticket eligibility questions that a beneficiary/recipient may have. Should the question involve a complex ticket eligibility issue, refer the beneficiary/recipient to the servicing FO or the Ticket Program Manager (TPM) for assistance (see DI 55002.025).

B. Examples of specific ticket eligibility questions

1. Will I get a ticket?

Get a ticket query and check to see if the system selected the beneficiary's/recipient's record (see DI 55002.025).

2. Why wasn't I selected to get a ticket?

Get an MBR/SSR query and review it to determine why the beneficiary/recipient is not eligible. (see DI 55002.035).

3. I disagree with the reason I wasn't selected to get a ticket. Can I appeal the determination?

Yes, you can ask for a formal determination, but in general issues about ticket selection are not subject to the same administrative and judicial review processes that apply to determinations that SSA makes about your rights to disability/blindness benefits (see DI 55002.050).


Decisions about underlining factors related to the ticket eligibility determination (e.g., whether beneficiary's/recipient's benefits should have been suspended) may be appealed or reopened, subject to the rules on administrative finality.


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