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DI 60005.020 Guaranteed Income Financial Treatment Trial (GIFTT) Resource Waiver


A. GIFTT Waiver Policy

For Guaranteed Income Financial Treatment Trial (GIFTT) participants and their spouses and children, exclude retained guaranteed income (GI) payments from resources. The resource exclusion applies during the 12 months of receipt of GI payments plus a period of three years (36 months) after receipt of the final GI payment.

Normal resource transfer rules apply to GI payments. See SI 01150.001 for more information on developing resource transfers.

B. Procedures

1. Documenting the resource in the SSI Claim system

When an applicant, recipient, or deemor alleges participation in GIFTT and proof of participation exists (e.g., eLAS documentation, CCE, SSR, or DCF documentation, GIFTT participation letter, Akimbo Now card statements showing GIFTT payments):

a. Create an Other Resources page by selecting Prepaid Debit Card option and enter following information:

  • Type – Prepaid Debit Card

  • Income From Property – No

  • Description – GIFTT Akimbo Now

  • Co-Owned – No

  • Values

    • Date From – the month after the month of receipt of first GIFTT payment;

    • Date To – 48 months from Date From field;

    • Input same amount for Alleged Value and Excluded Amount fields or;

    • If the evidence (e.g., Akimbo Now card statement) is available, enter verified amount in the Verified Value as well as Excluded Amount fields.

b. Inform individuals that they are responsible for reporting to SSA if they change place of residence for proper FO jurisdiction purposes.

c. Verify the case has been correctly identified in the Case Characteristics Code (CG) field on the SSR Special Messages page in CCE or via 1719B for non-MSSICS cases. (See SM 01301.785, SM 01601.460, and MS 08125.010).

d. On the Development Worksheet page in CCE:

  • Enter GIFTT ASSET in the ISSUE field; and

  • Enter DEV GIFTT ASSET in the REMARKS field and set a tickle date for four years to monitor and ensure payments are excluded from resources for the duration of the trial.


If no proof of GIFTT participation exists, confirm participation with your Regional contact (listed in DI 60005.005E).

2. Verifying balances and exclusion amounts

Verify card balances when liquid resources meet or exceed the tolerance in SI 01140.010 When verification is required, during the PERCs, RZs or LIs, verify the Akimbo Now card account information using the card statement. Not all participants will receive card statements. Obtain account records and card statements from the GIFTT project contact (listed in DI60005.005E) when the participant is not able to provide statements.

Take action to exclude retained GIFTT payments for the duration of the trial (12 months plus the additional 36 months, or a total of 48 months).

In addition, develop any allegations of resource transfers or changes to participation:

  • If GIFTT participation allegedly ends, verify participation status with your Regional contact (listed in DI 60005.005E). See DI 60005.010 for documenting GIFTT participation.

  • If a participant alleges transferring funds from the Akimbo Now card to another account and the retained amount is material to eligibility, take action to exclude the funds from the appropriate account. When evaluating the account balance, consider the commingling assumptions discussed in SI 01130.700.

  • If a participant alleges giving away the funds or otherwise transferring them at less than fair market value, develop the transfer following normal policies. See SI 01150.001 for more information.


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