TN 7 (08-09)

DI 81010.232 Creating a Record for an Age 18 Disability Redetermination in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)

A. Background for required age 18 redeterminations

According to P.L. 104-193, children receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disabled child benefits must have a non-medical and a medical redetermination done at the age of 18. The purpose of these Redeterminations is to establish eligibility under the adult medical standards.

During the Redetermination process, whenever possible, the Claims Representative (CR) collects both non-medical (e.g. living arrangements, income) and medical information from the claimant. Age 18 disability Redeterminations are processed in EDCS using the electronic SSA-3368 (Disability Report-Adult) process, unless an eCDR exclusion exists.

B. Non-medical/MSSICS requirements

CRs should refer to Disability Redeterminations - Age 18 Cases - DI 11070.030, for proper processing procedures for Age 18 Redeterminations/Disability Reviews.

NOTE: The attachment of a special flag as referenced in Disability Redeterminations - Age 18 Cases - DI 11070.030C.3.f., is no longer necessary if this type of claim is in a Certified Electronic Folder.

When an eligible child attains age 18, the CR must show a living arrangement change using the date of age 18 attainment on the Living Arrangement Change (LCHG) screen in the Modernized SSI Claim System (MSSICS). Once the non-medical redetermination and living arrangement change have been established, the CR must do the following before transferring the eCDR in EDCS:

  • Ensure that the Type of Master Record (TMR) on the SSR changes from a child to an adult (e.g. to DI or BI) on the Simulated SSI Record (SSR), and

  • Query the SSID the following day to ensure the TMR field has been changed to a DI or a BI.

    NOTE: If the TMR is not changed from a child to an adult, the Age 18 Disability Redetermination cannot be transferred in EDCS. If the TMR has already been changed from a child to an adult, it is not necessary to complete a new non-medical redetermination unless a diary is due.

C. Age 18 redetermination for medical creation in EDCS

After verifying that the TMR field on the SSR has changed from child to adult (e.g.DI or BI), the eCDR can be transferred in EDCS.

Upon opening EDCS for the Age 18 Disability Redetermination, the CR must complete the eCDR screens in the following order:

  • Enter the Recipient/Client SSN on the Disability Case Selection Page in EDCS;

  • Select “CDR Initial” on the Select Case Level screen;

  • Select “An Age 18 Redet” on the Confirm Case Creation screen;

  • EDCS automatically propagates the Comparison Point Decision (CPD) date field as 12 months prior to the CDR case creation date (this date cannot be keyed over);

  • Select “Create Case” on the Confirm Case Creation screen to establish a case for this person.

    REMINDER: Change the claim type from DC/BC to DI/BI or DS/BS in the TMR field of the SSR prior to transferring the claim in EDCS.

  • Select the appropriate forms to be keyed into EDCS from the Forms Selection screen; (e.g., 3368 (Disability Report - Adult, 3369 (Work History Report) and SSA-3367 (Disability Report-Field Office);

  • Select the appropriate folder to link from the Link Folder screen;

  • Ensure the correct mailing address, telephone number, and representative information has propagated from MSSICS;

    NOTE: If information (e.g. address, Representative Payee information) propagated from MSSICS is incorrect, the CR must key over the information in EDCS and also correct the information in the mainframe.

  • Enter the CDR information, 3368 (Disability Report – Adult), SSA-3367 (Disability Report-Field Office), and 3369 (Work History Report) data in EDCS on the Forms(s) Selection screen (See Completing Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Forms for Initial Claims – DI 81010.025);

  • Enter the appropriate response concerning the need for DDS capability development (for information regarding determining capability see Representative Payment – Overview - GN 00502.001, Component Responsibilities - DI 23001.005, and When to Develop Capability - DI 23001.005B);