TN 6 (07-10)

DI 81020.130 Electronic Case Closure

A. General

The Disability Examiner (DE) completes the disability determination forms (e.g., SSA-831/832/833), Personalized Disability Notices (PDNs), and any supplemental rationales by using the Disability Determination Services (DDS) case processing systems. These forms are signed with an approved electronic signature via the DDS case processing system and do not require a handwritten signature.

When closing the case, the DDS system uploads the determination form, decisional notice, case development worksheet, and rationale to the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) and stores them in the appropriate section.

NOTE: The health IT participating source(s) name may not propagate automatically into the PDN. When completing the PDN for a health IT case, identify the specific health IT participating source(s) from the HIT Request document or the HIT MER document and, if necessary, manually enter the required information in the PDN.

B. Special notice instructions for notices prepared by DDS and released by the field office (FO)

The DDS provides the FO with special notice instructions or completed notice attachments to be released by the FO in certain situations.

In these situations, the DDS adds a message to the CEF immediately prior to case closure per Alerts & Messages Tab DI 81005.040.

Include in the message detailed instructions to the FO for releasing the language/notice. When the DDS case processing system closes a case, it uploads the notice attachments completed, but not released, by the DDS to the CEF and stores them in the appropriate section. The FO is responsible for printing, date stamping, and releasing the notice attachments.

C. Electronic signature on determination forms

The DDS case processing system electronically signs determination forms. Therefore, determination forms prepared electronically using a case processing system with approved electronic signatures do not require a written signature, even if the case converts from a CEF to a paper folder.

D. Dating the Personalized Disability Notices (PDNs)

The DDS case processing system electronically dates the PDNs when the PDNs print upon case closure. The date appears on the paper and electronic versions of the PDN. However, due to system limitations, there are times when no date appears on the paper or electronic image versions of the PDN. To determine the correct date of the PDN when no date appears:

  • Open the case in eView;

  • Locate the PDN under Section B – Jurisdictional Documents and Notices (Red) in the Case Documents tab; and

  • Use the date in the “EF Received” column as the date of the PDN.

NOTE: When a case is selected for sampling by the Office of Quality Review (OQR), the PDN is not dated until OQR completes the review. After OQR’s review is completed, the notice release date is displayed in eView in the “Notice Release Date” field found under the “Case Review” link on the Case Data screen.

E. DDS actions when closing a CEF

Take the following actions to complete DDS case closure:

  • Move all nonessential and duplicate documents to the “Current Development/Temporary Section” of the CEF. For information about essential and nonessential folder material, see Documenting the Disability Folder – Disability Determination Service (DDS) DI 20503.001;

  • Ensure all case development and determination documents that have been generated or created in an electronic format have been added to the CEF, including scanned copies of evidence, eForms, and DDS system-generated documents (e.g., determination form, case development worksheet, accurately dated notices);

  • Add any special notice messages to the CEF in situations as in Electronic Case Routing to another DDS before Final Determination DI 81020.125B;

  • Update the National Disability Determination Services System (NDDSS) with the determination and closure data; and

  • Follow current procedures to close the case on the DDS case processing system and transfer jurisdiction to the appropriate office.

F. DDS actions when closing a CEF that was converted to paper

If a CEF case converts into paper while in the jurisdiction of the DDS, take the following actions to complete DDS case closure:

  • Update the paper folder indicators (PFI) prior to case closure (see Paper Folder Indicators (PFI) DI 81020.010); and

  • Print and file all documents from the electronic folder into the