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SI 00604.019 Prior Marriage(s): Question 6

A. When to complete question 6

Complete 6(a) for all claimants. Complete (b) beginning with the marriage that ended most recently if the claimant answers (a) "YES."

1. How marriage ended

Describe "How Marriage Ended" as "death," "divorce," "annulment," etc.

2. Claimant potentially entitled to title II benefits

If the claimant answers “YES” to 6(a) and the claimant is potentially eligible for title II benefits on the earnings record of a former spouse, obtain a separate title II application per SI 00601.035.

3. Former spouse potentially entitled to Divorced Spouse benefits

If the information in item 6 indicates that he or she is potentially eligible to divorced spouse benefits on the claimant's record, treat the naming of the former spouse as a lead. For processing leads, see GN 00202.020. For divorced spouse benefit requirements, see RS 00202.005.

4. Former spouse potentially eligible for title XVI benefits

If the former spouse named in item 3 is potentially eligible for title XVI benefits and meets the requirements in SI 00601.020 Protective Writings, closeout the protective filing per SI 00601.037D.

If there is no intent to file for the former spouse, treat as a lead following the closeout instructions in GN 00202.020.

B. References

  • SI 00510.001 Overview of the Filing for Other Program Benefits Requirement, through SI 00510.030 Requirement to File for Other Program Benefits

  • MSOM MSSICS 008.008 Marriage Data (AMAR)

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